In the nearly five decades of our existence people all from all nationalities (including celebrities) with varying taste buds have walked into our restaurant We take pride in the fact that every single one has walked out satisfied

Some of the glowing comments that our diners have lavished on us include

  • "Good service and food."
    Rajmata Gayatri Devi of Jaipur
  • "Excellent Food "
    Arun Jaitley Member of Parliament
  • "Thank you for the great dinner!"
    Arundhati Roy
  • "Excellent food and many fond memories of this fantastic restaurant"
    Farooq Abdullah
  • "It is excellent, I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Good Luck"
    Tarla Dalal
  • "IRIE, SEEN ( Jamaican for Excellent, great & good Quality ever seen)"
    Steve Bucknor

  • "Yummy Food…………Ohhhhh lala! Blessings"
    Billy Bowde
  • "Great people, great food! "
    Daryl Harper
  • "My first night in Jaipur spent at Niros. Good food and good service. Danyawad"
    Simon Taufel
  • "Very tasty food, Excellent food, keep it up"
    Ramesh Power
  • "Enjoyed it very much"
    Munaf Patel
  • "Best food and service we’ve had in Jaipur"
    Eric Drewnaw
  • "Super Food"
    Ritu Nanda
  • "An excellent meal. Thanks"
    Greg Chappell
  • "Having wonderful memories of visiting and eating in Niros since 1959. It is wonderful to see that the service and food quality still is as excellent as it was in 1959 to 1964 when I was a medical student here."
    Dr. Bharat B. Bhasin Huddersfield U.K.
  • "Excellent food, pleasant décor, courteous staff. God bless"
    Om Puri
  • "Superb food good whishes"
    Mohammed Azharuddin
  • "I came here in 1961 and have visited my Niros so many more times. All I can say its nearer home to my grandmother’s, my mother’s cooking, please don’t change and a big thanks"
    Tinu Anand
  • "No doubt this is my favorite restaurant all around India. I’m coming to this place for the last 20 years with my groups. Excellent food and professional staff in no place anywhere. Thank you"
    Jose lois Figueiredo
  • "A great restaurant, we got a recommendation and found that the experience was way even better! All dishes + service = Excellent!!! Hope to come back"
    Jose and Zlan, Unilever
  • "Our South Carolina group thoroughly enjoyed your delicious food and gracious hospitality."
    John West former Governor of South Carolina (U.S.A.)
  • "The food was delicious and a real treat for me to taste certainly l intend to tell my friends who are visiting Jaipur about your excellent restaurant."
    Victor Ashe former senator of Tennessee (U.S.A.)
  • "The best Indian food I have ever tasted Superb!"
    R. Frantz Air France Manager  (Tokyo)
  • "I have enjoyed my food and love to come back when l will be near Jaipur I wish you Good Luck for your restaurant with many thanks for your good food."
    Zaheer Abbas captain Pakistan cricket team.
  • "This, my sixth photographic journey to India was hallmarked by the discovery of NIROS lf l had ever known of this fine eatery on the previous visits to this region undoubtedly would have chosen Jaipur (NIROS) as the hub of my wheel of excursions (adventures) The quality of food the attentiveness and well trained service of the waiters are the reasons why we have returned to NIROS many times in the past two weeks We regret to leave!"
    Mr Bruce Haggerty  (Department of Art Palomar College San Marcos San Diego California U.S.A.)
  • "Mr. Roy, our wonderful travel guide brought us to this Restaurant Although we have a mixed group of people – vegetarians Chinese-food eaters people who don t like spicy food etc the Restaurant provided food that everybody enjoyed and that suited everyone s palates Those of us ate Indian food enjoyed it immensely and agree that it is the best food we've had since we arrived in India."
    Ms Sarah Yazakertey Samuel Montage Co Ltd, 144, Old Bond Street (London)
  • "Excellent food and helpful staff."
    Bertie & Sheila Rangiest(Sweden)
  • "Happiness was finding NIROS in Jaipur After two weeks of eating so-so hotel food we found our appetite again at NIROS Thank You."
    John & Barber Coutts Producer "QUEENIE" T.V. Film, Los Angeles (U.S.A.)
  • "Perhaps the finest Egg and Chips in India and no VAT Lyons Corner House is alive and well has ended up in Jaipur."
    David Crazier, Farmhand Royal, Slough, England. (Sound Mixer "QUEENIE").
  • "This is our first to India and Jaipur Look Forward to returning to Jaipur and this excellent Restaurant where service and food are both outstanding."
    B. Rose man, Los Angriest, California
  • "In Our one month in India we found your Restaurant to have the best food and Courteous service in all India- Congratulations."
    Dr. Walter Pelech, Toronto (Canada)
  • "By far the best food in India l have experienced."
    Mark Kendal, London (England)
  • "Nice place delicious food Charming good service Hope we Come again."
    Vreemde Konkinenten (Belgium)
  • "One of the best restaurants we visited in India."
    Michael, Alder, Stuttgart(Germany)
  • "Unadulterated pleasure impeccable service and delicious food will recommend to others. Thank You."
    Nick and Clave Martin, Stratham(England)
  • "A very enjoyable meal l will always remember the nice tastes and smells l hope to come back some day for more good food."
    Angela Loftus, Chef De Cuisine, Grand Hyatt Kong (Hong Kong)
  • "Superb foods Excellent service The best meal in Rajasthan."
    Vikram Unnithan (Holland)
  • "A really good looking kitchen The best Murgh Tikka have ever tasted Thank You for Letting us film great pictures great food."
    Getaway Programmer , Channel 9, Sydney (Australia)
  • "So good that we had three dinners in a row here truly delicious food & enjoyable atmosphere."
    Dr Shirley & Harold Sacks (London)
  • "Ever sing my first visit in 1972 there s no place in Jaipur Where live eaten well consistently and gluttonously."
    Amman Nath, A-51, Nizzamuddin East, New Delhi
  • "Till today this best table in INDIA."
    Gender & Feltovitch (Switzerland)
  • "We students were just lurking around in Jaipur since two days without food till we landed here. we wanted to go for a place where we could find class, comfort and ambience in catering. We are really impressed by your service and look forward to coming to Jaipur specially to eat here All the best.
    Manmeet Singh, A-64 Nizzamuddin East, New Delhi.

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